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Year: 2016

Colourful Podiatry – a Cautionary Tale

18 November, 2016

One of the easiest cases I have ever treated was a man whose feet had turned green. It happened like this. My patient was an old man with a number of disabilities that made him wholly dependent on care. His carers were delightful ladies, but not great diagnosticians. They.

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Ingrowing Toenails Are No Joke – Take Them Seriously

17 November, 2016

When Basil Fawlty poured scorn on the affliction for which his wife Sybil was having an operation, he perpetuated the folk image of the ingrown toenail as a trifling ailment that shouldn’t preoccupy us much. But while onychocryptosis, to give it its medical term. Is easy to repair when.

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3D Scanners – Do They Really Create Better Orthotics?

26 September, 2016

3D Scanners – Do They Really Create Better Orthotics? A lot of attention lately has been drawn to the use of 3D scanners in podiatry to create custom orthotics. It’s true that the plaster casting method they are intended to replace is messy, and demands a good deal of.

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Podiatry – it’s not Solely About Feet!

09 August, 2016

It’s reasonable that most people think of podiatry as a profession devoted to treating the foot alone. And even those who are aware of podiatry’s role in treating complaints that present outside the foot  know little about the treatments the modern podiatrist offers. This article looks at just three.

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