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Common Complaints

Orthotics are an in shoe moulded device, used to support, align or improve function in the foot. Foot misalignment and dysfunction will often manifest in the feet. Tingling or numbness in toes, pain under or at the back of the heel, arch soreness and ankle pain are common implications of this. However, often the result of foot dysfunction is felt in the lower leg, shin splints for instance. Knee soreness, particularly when climbing stairs or crouching is a common repercussion of poor foot posture.

Children who complain of leg aches, knee soreness and seem to fatigue quickly, even with normal walking, need to be reviewed by a Podiatrist. Another common complain in children, particularly boys, is pain at the back of the heel during or after exercise. These children respond well to Podiatric intervention.

Diabetics are at risk of impaired circulation and nerve damage causing sensory loss. Diabetics are at increased risk of ulceration and infection of foot wounds. It is vital that diabetics are aware of their foot health so they can manage potentially serious consequences of poor circulation or numbness in the feet. Diabetic reviews are recommended every 6-12 months.

After a lifetime of walking, working and various other uses and abuses, the feet often become mis-shapen. Digital deformities are extremely common. This often results in the onset of corns and calluses and nail deformities, which may become very painful. Podiatric care can assist with these issues.

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