Foot Pain, Cannington Podiatry

We really do expect a lot from our feet. On average, we ask them to carry us 128,000 kms in a lifetime, much of it on harder surfaces than we were evolved to tread. Our feet contain almost a quarter of our body’s bones yet we protect them with footwear which too often sacrifices ergonomic efficiency for aesthetic appeal.

Small wonder, then, that our feet occasionally complain. Pain in the feet, ankles and heels is a common occurrence – in fact there are over 300 disorders known to the podiatry profession, and most of them cause pain in some part of the foot.

Cannington Podiatry has been caring for Perth’s feet for a quarter of a century, giving friendly and professional advice and treatment, and supplying orthotics.

Pain in the Ankle, Heel and Foot

Complaints in the feet tend to be particularly frustrating for sufferers because the locus of pain is often misleading – the true source of the problem may lie some distance from where the pain is felt. Podiatry relies on methodical diagnosis to determine the causes of pain in the heel, ankle or foot.

Pain in the feet may arise from inflammation either of the muscles or of the connective tissue. Another source can be osteo-arthritis, the age-related degradation of the cartilage of the joints. However it is common for people suffering from other podiatric disorders to mistakenly conclude that their pain is arthritic, when correct podiatric diagnosis could result in successful treatment.

At Cannington Podiatry we diagnose and treat foot pain using a variety of modalities, including dry needling, mobilisation and orthotics. Cannington Podiatry’s Colin Griffin has 30 years’ podiatric experience. No referral is necessary, and private health fund rebates are available, processed through the HICAPS system.