Podiatrist Treating Muscle Pain, Cannington

The biomechanics of the foot have an extensive influence on other anatomical regions, and many instances of muscle pain in the legs and even lower back may be podiatric in origin.

Movements of the foot and toes are controlled by muscles in the lower leg. Overuse or unaccustomed levels of athletic activity can produce soreness. Stretching carefully before exercise can greatly reduce the incidence of this kind of muscle pain, and at Cannington Podiatry we provide our patients with structured stretching and strengthening guidance.

Sometimes, however, we may experience unusually sudden and severe muscle pain, disproportionate to any exercise we may have been taking, and often accompanied by swelling. This may be the result of something as simple as a change of footwear, or it may have a more complex cause.

Cannington Podiatry’s Colin Griffin has been treating muscle pain and tightness for three decades. Treatment is based on a careful initial diagnosis, to isolate the root cause of the problem. Treatment modalities we use include:

  • Dry needling – this can be used to give impressive results where muscle tissue has become locked in spasm.
  • Stretch- and- strengthen – we create for our patients structured stretching routines that restore healthy length and elasticity to the muscle body.
  • Mobilisation – this is a gentle, painless technique that combines with stretching to release muscle tightness in a logical sequence aimed at creating a step- by- step path towards the root cause of the disorder. Foot Mobilisation Therapy has been developed in recent years, and is proving in many cases a preferable alterative to orthotic correction.

Muscle pain can be a baffling phenomenon, defying easy diagnosis. If you’re a sufferer, don’t delay, give us a call at Cannington Podiatry today, and arrange an appointment.