Knee Pain, Cannington Podiatrist

Knee pain can be a baffling complaint. The knee is a complex structure, and is prone to a variety of its own disorders. Many complaints that manifest themselves as pain in the knee, however, are podiatric in origin. At Cannington Podiatry we treat disorders of the knee through careful initial diagnosis and a range of treatment modalities, including dry needling, mobilisation and orthotics. Many patients come to us in frustration, having tried a succession of other clinical remedies without success.

Knee Pain Causes

Pain at the front of the knee is frequently the result of patellofemoral syndrome, in which overuse of the knee, sometimes together with bad “tracking” of the kneecap. Bad tracking is the failure of the kneecap to maintain its proper location as the knee flexes. It can be caused by excess stress, by weakness in the thigh muscles, and sometimes through a traumatic injury that violently displaces the patella.

Pain at the sides of the knee is often indicative of an inflammation of the ligaments caused by misalignment. It can often be successfully treated by the use of orthotics to correct alignment and gait. Of course some knee pain is a consequence of loss of the natural cushioning in the joint. Pain associated with this may respond to altering foot alignment.

Pain at the back of the knee is often associated with a Baker’s Cyst – excess synovial fluid leaking out of the bursa. This is often the result of injury elsewhere in the knee joint. We do not treat Baker’s Cyst as such, but can refer patients to specialist clinicians where the case requires surgery. Another common source of pain behind the knee is soreness of the hamstring tendons.

Knee Pain Treatment

Cannington Podiatry’s Colin Griffin has been treating knee pain for 30 years. Treatment for knee complaints includes:


we create a routine of exercise to strengthen and balance the muscles supporting the knee.


where the problem is one of alignment, we combine exercise with orthotics to correct the problem.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is used to restore health to injured muscle tissue.

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