Tips for taking care of your feet this winter!

09 Mar 2019 legs and bikes


If you haven’t yet ventured outside, after stirring and waking from your winter hibernation, then we suggest that you do- Spring is here- And Summer is just around the corner! The temperatures are already on the rise, and no longer is the bone-chilling cold and swirling winds that keep us inside, huddled up next to the heater all day/night. But as the temperatures change, so do the needs of your feet-


Your feet need a different kind of care in the warmer months, as it means a change in the thickness of your socks, your footwear and perhaps, even time in the scorching sun!


However your lifestyle changes as the days get warmer and the sun gets hotter, the team at Cannington Podiatry thought that we’d put together a definitive list of ways to ensure your feet stay healthy and happy in summer;


Don’t forget to Moisturise!

The older we get, the more care our feet need. Natural healing elements of the skin on our feet like natural oils and moisture can fade with age, causing drier, cracked bases and as well, around the heel. One way to avoid this is to get into a daily routine of moisturising your heels and the rest of your feet. This not only promotes greater moisture and moisture retention but and encourages blood flow on the base of the foot and between the toes! But remember not to moisturise between the toes.

Dry, Cracked Heels? Not Any More!

Moisturise your heels after cleaning them every single night with lotion or an urea based cream, such as Restorate, (available at Cannington Podiatry), and then sleep with clean cotton socks on to help lock in the moisture. After you shower, but once your skin is dry, use a pumice stone to gently slough away dead skin cells.

Sweaty Feet

Do you have sweaty feet?

If you do, make sure that you take them off? at the first instance, you can. The more temperatures rise as we transition into summer, the more they are likely to sweat too!

Take your socks and shoes off to ensure that the surface of your feet has enough interaction with the air- this will dry off the sweat quickly and dramatically decrease your risks of contracting a fungal infection. If you work long hours and are unable to take off your socks and shoes, then at bare minimum try to give your feet a cursory rinse- this is just good foot health! If you feel your feet sweat excessively other action may be required. Contact Cannington Podiatry to find out how to help reduce excessive sweating.

Quality Footwear

What is your footwear of choice in summer?

Whether it be standard sneakers, the same as winter footwear or even sandals and the Aussie time-honoured classic- thongs! One thing is for sure, more open footwear means that your feet will be exposed to more foreign bacteria, and as well, objects that can cut or hurt you and seriously affect the health and well being of your feet.

If you plan to wear thongs or sandals-any open-toed shoe, then try to find a decent quality pair- they will last longer and almost always provide greater support and give you longevity too! While wearing thongs for prolonged periods is not recommended, arch support thongs, such as “Archies” give better support. For something sturdier that will still get you through the warmer months, try a sporting wedge sandal with a flatter edge and some heel support. Rubber soles are always great for support and traction. Another big issue is making sure your footwear fits you properly!

If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort in your toes, feet, ankles or lower legs, talk to the team at Cannington Podiatry today! 

Colin at Cannington Podiatry will be able to talk you through any symptoms you have, assess the condition of your feet, and provide a treatment/prevention plan that has been developed specifically for your needs.